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Increasing your Instagram following makes it possible to reach a larger online audience, increase your website traffic, boost your sales, and more.

Growing your following takes time, effort, and additional resources though, a luxury that not every business can afford. Fortunately, the right Instagram bot can change all that!

Viral Soda is not just another Instagram bot – we’ve created the very best Instagram bot and are offering a 7 day free trial with all features unlocked.

It’s important that you know exactly what our bot is capable of, which is why we don’t hold back any features when you sign up for a free trial.

You will have the opportunity to set up automatic posts, comments and likes, schedule posts, send direct messages, and more!

Running multiple Instagram accounts? No problem!

Our pricing is easy to understand and we give you the option to manage an unlimited number of accounts using a single license.

Viral Soda Instagram Bot Features

Auto Post Content
Add Post

Add new content to your timeline quickly and easily with our Add Post functionality, a core feature of our innovative Instagram bot.

Schedule Post
Schedule Posts

Don’t have the time to post content on a daily basis? Use the Schedule Post function to schedule future posts so that you can focus on other tasks.

Multi Accounts
Manage Multiple Accounts

Our easy-to-understand pricing structure makes it easy to manage multiple Instagram accounts under one plan.

Track Your Progress
Track Your Progress

Access detailed analytics that will help you track your progress and gain valuable insights into your Instagram account’s performance. Never fly blind again.

Auto Comment
Auto Comment

With the help of Spintax and similar macros, you can now automatically comment on Instagram posts without having to input them manually.

Auto Like
Auto Like

One of the most powerful features of our bot is the Auto Like functionality that allows you to engage on Instagram without having to be in front of a computer.

Auto Repost
Auto Repost

Post more content on a regular basis by using hashtags, locations or people to automatically add interesting content to your timeline.

Auto Direct Message
Auto Direct Message

Automatically send a message to new followers to advertise your products or services and drive valuable traffic to your site.

Auto Follow
Auto Follow

Want to easily follow new accounts based on specific users or hashtags? No problem, we have that functionality.

Auto Unfollow
Auto Unfollow

Ready to prune the Instagram accounts you no longer want to follow? Simply use the Auto Unfollow function to experience the magic.

Manage Captions
Manage Captions

Easily add new captions and edit old ones or select the captions you want to use with specific accounts and campaigns.

Fanatical Support
Fanatical Support

Viral Soda goes above and beyond to make sure that each of our clients is ecstatic about our product. We are here to help your brand succeed on Instagram!


Why Our Instagram Bot is Different

The truth is, there are dozens of Instagram bots on the internet that make bold claims about generating new followers in an instant, only for them to end up charging you a small fortune.

That is what makes Viral Soda different - we are the only 100% full-feature Instagram Bot on the internet that offers you full access for free. Our bot comes packed with all the features you’ve come to expect, except you’ll get access to each and every one of these features at no cost for 7 days.

Our free Instagram bot guarantees an explosion of followers and engagement. The likes and follows that you will obtain are 100% real - we do NOT use imitation tactics to attract fake followers, likes and comments. Watch your website traffic grow as your brand gains more exposure online.

Automation is the Name of the Game

We understand that it takes time and effort to grow your brand online, which is why our free Instagram bot was designed to make your job simple. Plus it never sleeps!

Easily automate all of your tasks, including posting, scheduling, liking, following, and more. Our bot will free up your time and resources while still ensuring that you’re able to generate growth and expand your reach online.

Use the Viral Soda dashboard to keep track of your engagement statistics and see how your posts are performing so that you can further refine your Instagram strategy. From there, you can simply sit back and watch your brand soar.

You’ll be pressed to find another Instagram bot that comes close to Viral Soda. Best of all, you can get started at absolutely no cost for 7 days

Attract Real Instagram Followers

There may be a lot of Instagram bots to choose from but how many of them are going to help you attract real followers?

At Viral Soda, we don’t believe in wasting your time by generating fake followers that won’t help your brand grow. Our free Instagram bot ensures that you become the social media star that you deserve to be.

Separate yourself from other entrepreneurs and become an influencer that stands out.

Let Viral Soda help you attract real Instagram followers that are engaged and interested in what your brand has to offer.

Engage with Your Audience

What’s the point in having thousands of followers if they aren’t going to engage with your content?

Viral Soda ensures that you’re not only posting content on a regular basis but reaching people that will be interested in what you have to say too.

Our bot allows you to target new followers based on interests, hashtags, location, and more, giving you access to a highly-targeted online audience.

Sign up for your 7 day free trial to see what our Instagram bot is really capable of.

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Don’t have time to manage your Instagram account?

No problem, we have you covered!

We have a team of professional Instagram experts on standby to create your entire campaign for you. If you are interested in our white glove concierge service, please email us at [email protected].

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